The Project Originator

My career included being  a Lecturer in Gastronomy at Surrey Univer­sity, Director of the Edinburgh Hotel School at Crewe Toll, an Open University Tutor/Examiner within the Post-Grad course in Educational Manage­ment and Head of Faculty of Community Studies at Canterbury College. I was also a University Dean in France and Switzerland and became Professor in 1992.   I have been Tourism specialist and academic adviser in fifteen countries. Retired and living near Hereford, I am available as a speaker. I am involved in various local community/charity projects.
Alan F Harrison (Prof)


Living fifty miles from Cardiff, the city-centre of this S E Wales project is a challenge.  Added to that is the fact that I know very little of Welsh culture and food but that is no obstacle. My aim is to improve on that situation.  I have researched the history of food and hospitality of my native Scotland and also why we eat what we eat.  Some of this will be used later.

As a member of the International Wine & Food Society, [IWFS], I am another originator.  The topic will be introduced later.

For keen surfers, there's more at including my community interests.  If you can't wait re IWFS, go to and/or


It is important to establish this as a community project and my role is of much less significance than those locally who decide to apply aspects of what they see on this site in conjunction with their own ideas, local interest, and local needs.


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