Welsh National Gastronomy

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One view of national gastronomy within the western world is more fully explained in larger text after seeing it in on one A4 page here: 

To read more about it in larger text, click here      http://www.gastronomyafharrison.co.uk/page337.php#Revised_model



There are three main considerations at this stage:

The beginning of an analysis  of  Welsh national gastronomy using the overall model above combined with later pages on this website relating to a local community food project
The beginning of an analysis of Welsh national cuisine using the "National cuisine" box combined with later pages on this website. 
The start of a national discussion of Welsh dietary problems beginning with the worst of the three body-types and possibly incorporating a practical approach to dieting here   http://www.gastronomyafharrison.co.uk/page348.php   The three body-types are more clearly shown on that page.