A Community Project

Welsh Gastronomy - a Community Project

Project Aims

The project aims to provide reality to these phrases:

Understanding the past can include:                                          


    1 better understanding of the present          


    2 improving the present situation     


    3 assessing the future situation 

    4 planning for the future.     



Building on early project findings can include:

     1   a community ideal re improving health

     2   experimentation as to what actually works

     3   a future decided by those within  the project.

     4    community ownership of its present and future


The resources to be used are all around us.  Senior residents of S E Wales have their memories of food and domestic life in their younger years.  There will be Welsh recipe books and other material from former times.  It is hoped that residents will look for anything useful. These will be useful material in libraries including that at St Fagans Museum.  The same museum offers historic buildings and much more of use to the project. 


But history is one part of the project.  We, of all ages, can benefit from looking at what has happened in our life time, what is happening now, and look to the future.  Food and drink are important parts of modern and future life.  Assessing the good and not-so-good aspects is an important activity now and for tomorrow.