Who can be involved?

Everyone can make notes, talk to anyone else who may have something to offer such as older relatives and friends.

Everyone can look for old and modern recipes, magazine etc articles, books on Welsh food life and history.

Everyone could work with their library to make local food, present, past and future, a topic of interest in the local community.  [Once agreed.]

School children who have gardening projects at their school could ask their teachers about what was grown a hundred years ago and explore ways of growing things which have disappeared from the supermarket shelves.

School children can ask their teachers about where food comes from locally and ask to visit interesting places.

Students in post-compulsory education could take up themes within this project for further study.  They could be prominent in local activity.

Their lecturers could be proactive in relation to their student interest in the project themes.

Professionals in the hospitality industry could develop themes regarding
special events in their restaurants, hotels and pubs, and could be prominent in local activity.

Similar comment relates to other professionals in the wider community

     Educational catering organisers and senior staff

     Catering etc staff in hospitals, community centres and care homes

     Media professionals regarding coverage of the project

     Nutrition and health care professionals

Everyone can be involved in a local community group and deciding on the aims of the group.