A Preliminary

This website is intended for library staff and some in education in the Cardiff and SE Wales region.  It supports a local community food project -


All pages on that site are also under construction.  It is intended for the public to see once agreement has been established concerning the way in which participating organisations want to operate .  The purpose of both sites is to enable those within two main categories to explore ways in which their version of the project outcome can be realised.   However, the site you read now is intended for:

 Group 1

Individuals and groups within the local communities in S E Wales likely to put the project into operation.  The site address will only be sent to those who have been identified as being able to utilise the semi-academic approach taken within this site.  That may not be PC and we can deal with that later. 

Group 2

    2a   Librarians within the Cardiff Library Service at central and local level. 

    2b  Staff at St Fagans who are involved in its library andeducation.   

    2c   Librarians at the two universities

    2d   Other libraries including schools [not at this stage]

    2e   Other organisations to be identified.