Increased use of libraries 

This project incorporates the aim of any educationalist to see the increased use of libraries. 

Within the project, by creating or harnessing local interest groups which hope to improve their community in relation to food issues, the project can use the local library as a prime resource.  That depends on interest in such aims within the local libraries and/or others such as that at St Fagans.  The university, college and school libraries are not the targets at this stage.

Libraries are mentioned on pages as we proceed.

Food issues


Dietary health and the UK obesity problem.

Local food

Healthy and sustainable food resources.

Local government attitudes to and provision of health/food education.

Local commerce interest in and support for community food health.

Local schools and colleges are not the priority at present.  The later interest will be the food they serve and their education programmes vis a vis personal food health.



As a measure of the project originator's inclusion within "the aim of any educationalist is to see the increased use of libraries", he hopes for continued participation in the Cardiff Libary wine event    .