Project Resources

The resources for the project include:

Notes from the interviews detailed on the previous page
Sketch books

Cassettes, videos, CDs, DVD of suitable material such as old films, radio transcripts

Website addresses - more at

Lists which are centralised

     Lists of local groups and contact info

     Lists of others who are or want to be involved

     Lists of hospitality etc professionals

     Lists of media professionals

     Lists of specialist libraries and contact info

     Lists of museums and contact info

Newspapers and magazines

Photos, paintings, sculptures etc

Some of the project originator's publications and websites


Centralisation of the location of resources will need to be considered.

As a member of the International Wine & Food Society, [IWFS], I am starting a branch in Cardiff/S E Wales.  There can be links within its programme of events and local group programmes.

Local organisers might  like a lot more detail using project etexts and other material so please use the Contact page.

The aim is to stage an event around Easter 2011 where there is sufficient space
for visitors to view the outcome at that stage.
The event will demonstrate the plan for the immediate future.