Structure and Content from this point onwards

Black text is from "Haggis & Other Stories" via the "Haggis etext" page in the side panel or click  .  There you will find notes on reading etexts and other pages.

Brown text - -  notes at various places to explain the context of the following extract.

A page number followed by >> signifies that the extract which follows starts on that page.  This enables the reader to locate text before or after the extract in order to gain more information.

The chapter notes in superscript are probably best ignored as it means a lot of cross-referencing.  Even with hard-copy books in front of you, it can be tedious.  Doing it even with two screens could be a nightmare! 

The Bibliography is yet another related document in the side panel elsewhere - .  Perhaps the most useful is to note the authors' names and look them up in the bibliography.


Page headings onwards relate to, for example, "Carbohydrate in the Scots diet in earlier times" but the side panel would be too cluttered.